Increase Engagement

Increase sales

increase Immersion

People are drawn to visually rich experiences and the longer they stay on your site, the better the chances are of making a sale. Shoppers will also be more likely to return to your site where they can get an enhanced shopping experience that offers them exciting interactivity in a modern and professional looking way. Spins can also be customised with directional and zoom buttons, as well as your own logo.
360 degree photography puts your customers in control, they can look closer, see more and feel better about your products. This increased sense of security leads to more purchases and will boost conversion rates. Not only that but because the customer now has a much better expectation of the product, this will in turn reduces return rates and increases satisfaction.
Shopping is a tactile experience. When people shop, they like to hold the product in their hands and carefully examine it to see if it matches their tastes and needs but until recently, customers haven’t been able to shop online with this same level of confidence. The biggest weakness of online shopping is that it can be hard to convey what products are like ‘in the hand’. 360 spins change this and create as close to an ‘in store’ experience as you can get.

External and Internal Hosting

We understand that shooting 360 degree spins gets you most of the way there, but you still need to incorporate the product spins on your website. We'll take a look at your business and advise on the best course of action thats most suitable for your website and needs. Whether that's going with an industry leading external platform such as Adobe Scene 7 or hosting internally on your own site, we have options for everyone.


Output Options

Flash SWF





Flash output allows for user interactivity which is absent on some other output types. Users can rotate and zoom the spins for an immersive shopping experience. The downside is that iPhones and iPads are incompatible with flash.
Devices like iPhones and iPads do not display flash so HTML5/Javascript files are perfect for making sure your spins will be seen on all devices. They also allow for interactivity elements such as zooms, hotspots and direction control.
Animated gif files display the 360 spin in a continual loop. They are the easiest file type to use, simply upload them like you would a normal jpeg. They will display on any device and browser, however they don't feature any interactively controls.
Quicktime videos will display your spin in a quicktime video format. They are perfect for high resolution 360 spins for displaying on high definition screens. They can be embedded on sites easily but do not allow for interactivity.

If you'd like to have a chat or wish to know more about our 360 degree photography, send us an email or use our contact form.