Multiple Colours!

Multiple States!

Multiple Choices!

Multi-State Imagery offers an level of interactivity similar to 360 degree photography. It is perfect for showing off a range of similar products that are available in many different colours and adds a touch of professionalism to any web store. Multi-State can also be combined with 360 degree spins to create highly interactive custom solutions.
Multi-State imagery is also great for displaying items that have functions, such as 'open' and 'closed'. The interactivity of the image gives potential customers a clear idea of how the product works, interacts with other items and what it's like to actually use. It's great for items like: Jewellery boxes, toys, bags and products with sliding or moving parts.
Multi State can tidy up your listings, allowing you allowing you to display your items in a compact efficient manner. Single pages can now show multiple products that change colour or states at the swipe of a mouse cursor, instead of a page full of the same item shot in different colours and angles.

HTML/Javascript Output


HTML/Javascript output is simple to use and it will ensure you images are displayed on all viewing devices including iPads and iPhones. We do however give the option of supplying you with other output files you may require, like: Flash, Quicktime and Gif. Checkout our
360 degree photography page for more details on these.

Simple Site Integration

Whether you want to host the images on your own site or upload them to an external provider, We'll give you all the assistance you need to get your interactive images up and running. 360 degree spins and Multi-State images can set up to run on any site, we even provide options for popular self publishing platforms such as WordPress and RapidWeaver.


If you'd like more information on Multi-State images, or a chat about our services in general, then get in touch and we'll be happy to assist.